Perforated patches, iterated altans and their properties

Nino Ba\v{s}i\'{c}
University of Ljubljana

Tomaž Pisanski
University of Primorska and University of Ljubljana

Patrick W Fowler
University of Sheffield



Content: Recently a class of molecular graphs, called \emph{altans}, became a focus of attention of several theoretical chemists and mathematicians. In this talk I will present iterated altans and show, among other things, their connections with nanotubes and nanocaps. Using a result of Gutman we are able to enumerate Kekul\'{e} structures of nanocaps of arbitrary length, and hence comment on the predicted magnetic response properties (ring currents) of the corresponding carbon frameworks. In addition, the iterated altan operation will be used on a class of planar graphs called \emph{perforated patches} where it generates multi-tube structures.

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